How  we're  enjoying  life
60  years
after  graduation.
Needless to say our classmates have worked many years within various occupations, and today many of us are retired, and
enjoying the fruits of that labor.  Having graduated OHS 60 years ago, and now in our late 70's, many of us continue to seek various
ways to occupy our time by staying busy with family, hobbies, part-time work, or volunteering within the communities in which we live.

This page is devoted to the endless variety of the aforementioned ways we all occupy our available time.  To participate simply
email your videos, snapshots, with written accounts, etc. of what it is you're doing now.  Extended family photos would be most
enjoyable should you choose to share them.  To send photos and info simply click on my email address and attach your photos:

This page will be a continuation of our 50th reunion "Memory Book". Thank you in advance, and now enjoy getting caught up!
I volunteer some of my time at Stahl's Classic Car Museum in Chesterfield, Michigan, where I guide, lecture, and teach visitors
about items in the private collection.  This video is of me starting the engine of a vintage "Rhino" racing car of the 1920's...I find
this work at the museum both enlightening, as-well-as therapeutic.
Click here to view the video. -- Jerry Hayes
I enjoy some days on the water fishing. Click here to view a video of me catching a largemouth bass while fishing on the Rodman
Reservoir. --
Kurt Woelfel
Since retiring my main hobby is fishing for largemouth bass. I enjoy fishing different lakes and rivers in Marion County as well as
the surrounding counties. I have also traveled the four corners of the state of Florida on bass fishing trips.
Click here for a two and
a half minute video of me catching a seven pound bass from the Ocklawaha River impoundment. -
Pat Gurr
My wife, Nelda, and I enjoy traveling and camping all over the U.S  in our motor home. -- Jim Wagner
I enjoy spending time in my woodworking shop behind my house -- Lee Rhoden
My spare time is sometimes
spent fishing the Gulf for red fish
or fishing local Marion County
waters for largemouth bass. I also
enjoy hunting and working cattle
on horseback --
Jack Knight
One of my hobbies is building and maintaining websites.
Click  the  link  below  for  the  
gateway  to  visit  my  websites  .  .  .
Teddie, Jerry, and daughter Cammie at work in Gause & Son Jewelry store.
Teddie & daughter Cammie featured in Ocala Style magazine
In Colorado I play golf about 3 times a week starting in April and l play till November. I fish for Rainbow trout and Kokanee
salmon on Flaming Gorge in Wyoming about 3 weeks during the summer. I spend a couple months a year in The Villages where
I fish and golf. I enjoy being outdoors and enjoying good weather and fresh air. Being a couch potato does not work for me. I
very  much enjoyed fishing with Pat Gurr once a week during my stay in the Villages this year. Jack Knight, Kurt Woelfel, Pat, and
myself fished with a guide one day and caught 24 bass in 4 hrs. --
Don Campbell
Index  Of  Classmates  Contributing  To  This  Page
Pat Gurr
Jerry Hayes
JoAnne Young
Larry Shepard
Gladys Rodgers
Kurt Woelfel
Jack Knight
O P Taylor
Leonard Kenyon
George Brady
Jim Wagner
Teddie Gause
Guin Nichols
Dick Adams
David Day
Jerry Gause
Don Campbell
Joyce Swindle
Dixon Stewart
Derel McDonald
JoAnne Young, husband Dan and daughter Clarice
My beautiful only child Clarice Moran with her husband Tom
Pat & Ginger Gurr
Pat & son Ty Gurr
O P & Nancy Taylor
One of my hobbies is making crosses and
gifting them to friends. So far I have given
away 160.
O P with two sons Michael & Wayne Taylor
Gale & Donnie Jones, O P’s daughter and son in law
When Gerald and I retired we were looking forward to having time to travel
and I think we have accomplished our goal.  We have traveled to many
countries in Europe and also traveled to Canada, Central America, and
many of the states in the USA.

Gerald loves to garden and fish and I always have projects in the works.  I
have been researching our family trees and I enjoy reading and crossword
puzzles. We are active in our church and are guardians of Gerald’s
handicapped cousin Marcie who lives in Enterprise, AL. --
Guin Nichols
Gerald and Guin Nichols at Niagara Falls, Canada
Guin Nichols with son, Bill, and granddaughter, Holly in
Killarney, Ireland.
It’s a girlfriend trip to Dearing, GA. In this photo are:
Mary Long Neal, Guin Hanegan Nichols, Janet
Sheppard Robinson, Wanda Williams Doty, and
Gladys Sheppard Rodgers, our hostess.
In Paris, France, Guin Nichols with granddaughter,
Amanda Luff and daughter, Kelly Nichols standing near
the Notre Dame Cathedral
Bobby and I had a blessed life together
for 59 years before he passed away in
January, 2016.   We have two children,
six grandchildren, two great
granddaughters, and one great grandson
due in July.

I am very active and enjoy planting flowers
and working in my yard.  I also enjoy
working out at the gym three days a
week.  I have been a member of Central
Avenue Church of Christ for 50 years.    I
am also a member of two Red Hats
Clubs.  After church on Sunday
afternoons, I enjoy gathering with the
residents of my community to play cards.  
During my quiet time at home, I enjoy
keeping up with friends and family on
facebook. --
Joyce Swindle
Joyce & Bobby with daughter Dana and son Darrell.
Joyce and Bobby during a trip to Maine
Joyce in her Red Hat outfit
My wife, Judith, and I have become more
evolved in church.  We now sail for
relaxation, the idea of competing is no longer
important.  We have graduated from
traveling on a motorcycle to what is called a
“Spyder” a three wheeled machine.  We no
longer have to worry about tipping over at a
stop sign because the legs have become too
short. We never thought we would be
healthy enough much less alive to see my
60th years beyond graduation.  Life has
been good to us, we have traveled and seen
much of the United States, Canada, and up
to Alaska on the motorcycle, and now we are
planning a trip to the great state of Florida
and Ocala to revisit high school, and friends
from 1957. --
Larry Shepard
In addition to being a guide at
Stahl's Classic Car Museum, I
enjoy the collector car hobby.

Currently I own two vintage cars,
namely a 1952 Plymouth, much like
the one I drove in high school, and
a 1966 Chevy II, both pictured here.

A large part of the hobby is
displaying the cars at shows, as
evidenced by the trophies
accumulated over the past several
years. –
Jerry Hayes
Amber & Rex Kenyon                  Leonard & Carol
Leonard rescuing a calf
Cody, Teresa & Jarrett Kenyon
After graduating from UF I entered the Army where I
served for almost 28 years; two tours in Vietnam and five
tours in Germany. My last two commands in Germany
covered Europe and the Middle East.

My wife Carol and I have two sons, Jarrett, Jr. who works
for the Alachua County School System and Rex (born In
Heidelberg) who spent 22 ½ years in the Navy as a
chopper pilot and now is an Operation Manager for
Amazon in Dallas, Texas. We have five grandchildren
and two great grandchildren.

The Army sent me to Graduate School for a Master’s
degree, two in fact, Food Science (UF) and Business
(BU) that helped launch my second career. After retiring
from the Army I managed a food testing Lab and traveled
to Russia to assist them with food production. Later I
worked for Keystone Foods as a Sr. Corporate Food
Safety Manager. I traveled frequently to Australia, New
Zealand, Asia, South America, Middle East and Europe. I
retired from Keystone in 2012 and formed my own Food
Consulting Company. This has allowed me to continue
my travels around the world. I spent most of the first half of
2016 working for a food manufacturer in China.

As You can guess I love to travel. My other hobbies
include shooting, reloading, hunting (especially Prairie
Dogs in SD) working with my cattle, and supporting our
horses competing  in Combined Driving Events --
Leonard Kenyon
Just a few words about my old-age. I'm in pretty good health and pretty active. I have a commercial blueberry farm
in south Lake County. This keeps me very busy. I have cattle and hunting. My wife Joyce and I spend our summers
in the North Carolina mountains. We love it there. I do a little woodworking in North Carolina. I'm not very good but I
enjoy. Also make homemade wine which is sometimes drinkable. I have a teeny log cabin on my blueberry farm
which I enjoy very much. All in all I guess I'm doing fine. I wish you all continued good health. --
Dick Adams
Happy to say that other than retirement, little has changed since the last reunion.  I spend about 6 weeks a year in Pacific Beach,
CA ( part of San Diego) and get in Padre games and Del Mar.  The pictures with a friend's children and wife were taken at the
San Diego Zoo in Feb and the other at Del Mar last fall, where you can be sure I bet on all Florida-bred horses.  After retirement I
tried -- and gave up on -- different things to keep active -- cards, gardening, golf (stood too close to the ball after I hit it). Then I
discovered the Culinary Arts Program at the College of Southern Nevada and over the last 8 years have taken 19 classes. These
are professional level classes with students who expect to have careers in the hospitality industry. There is a short introductory
video at CSN+Culinary Arts Program: I could have  been any of the students shown. I hope all is well with all of you and yours, and
close by thanking Pat for his emails and the pleasant memories they bring back. --
Dixon Stewart   
Life is great on the dairy farm. We see our sons and grandchildren every day because we all work together. God watches over
us!! I am looking forward to seeing all of you. --
Gladys Sheppard Rodgers
I guess I enjoy working more than playing, old habits die hard.  I  am still involved in real estate and the last 15 years I have been
the distributor for  Amish Jams and Jelly products.  We have clients from south GA to  Miami.  We have a produce stand on
north 441. Keeps me hopping. I am thankful for the health to keep busy.  Our fun and joy is anything to do with our 3 grandkids.
My wife Millie and I enjoying going to our home in the mountains of NC --
George Brady
Working on the farm -- David Day
My wife, Rachel, and I do a variety of dancing as one of
our hobbies. Click
here for a video of me clogging --
Derel McDonald